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You truly can't go wrong with a timeless edit. It enhances the color of your images giving your skin a subtle glow and with rich shadows throughout, all while maintaining the true to life tones of your wedding day.

For those who love classic, clean looking images that won't look dated decades down the road, timeless will be the choice for you.

Airy gives your images a subtle lift in exposure and shifts the colors in the shadows to be slightly more cool toned while still maintaining a warm creamy complexion. Many brides fall in love with its bright cheerful look and lovely blue greens. This look is well suited for warm weather weddings, especially with white or green backgrounds.

Quickly becoming a favorite amongst brides, bohemian gives you bright highlights and warm skin with subtly toned greens. This edit creates a stylized boost to your wedding day that achieves a more dynamic look regardless of you wedding occurring indoors or outdoors.

Warm earthy tones and subtly muted greens are the hallmark of the modern editing style. Modern will give your wedding photos a soft and warm feeling creating a unique, slightly moodier, look to your wedding photos without becoming overly dark.

You've spent countless hours planning every little detail, from the floral centerpieces to the venue itself. Don't upstage all of your hard work by picking an editing style that doesn't fit the mood!

Pick a style that will showcase your color palette. If you choose neutral and muted, go neutral and muted. If you picked sunny and bright, go sunny and bright. Take your time, read over the descriptions and think of the look you're trying to achieve. You are going to be happiest when your wedding photos truly showcase your day and your look!

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