January 26, 2024

Have you ever dreamt of being swept away to a beautiful castle placed within a peaceful countryside to be married? Did you know you could find this as close as Rockwall? The Castle at Rockwall is the place to make all of your fairytale wedding dreams come true because I mean c'mon who does not want to be a princess getting married in a castle?

The castle will leave all of your wedding party and guests with their jaws on the floor in awe of its majestic architecture and 10 acres of serene countryside. Just inside its doors lies beautiful medieval architecture, large archways draped with linens, decorated with suits of armor. You and all of your closest friends and family will be transported to a time of knights, kings, princess' and prince charmings marking their wedding vows within the high towering stone walls. One such couple looking for that happily-ever-after wedding was Stephanie & Andrew.

Every part of their day was inspired by their fairytale dreams, from Stephanie's flower crown to their beautifully ornate wedding cake. Even her bridesmaids' robes and fans were inspired by that of a Disney princess! As for Andrew, Castle Rockwall offered a perfect backdrop for pictures of him and his groomsmen. After those pictures were taken, the guys were sent back into the beautiful castle to prepare for the ceremony!

Back in the bride suite, Stephanie was getting her dress on. Every picture seemed to have a personality of its own, showing off every bit of how Stephanie looks like a princess on her special day! After the accessories came on, she prepared to head in to see Andrew at the ceremony. And when she finally did see Andrew after walking through those archways, she could not stop smiling! All her fairytale dreams came to pass as she heard "you may kiss the bride!" and walked down the aisle, now married to her prince charming.

The property outside the Castle is perfect for a timeless portrait session, so the photographers took Stephanie and Andrew outside to showcase it at golden hour! Those 10 acres offered a wide-open scene for both bridals and portraits, documenting their beautiful story of love! The day had been such a dream so far that they couldn't help but dance their way into the reception! Guests roared, cheered, and laughed as they entered the hall and heard the toasts given by some of their most loved friends. The fairytale kept coming true as fog entered the dance floor going into their first dance as man and wife! The smiles kept on coming as Stephanie's dad showed off his dance moves with her and Andrew's mom couldn't stop smiling while dancing with him! This opened up the dance floor for killer moves and plenty of laughs for the remainder of the night!

Not a moment of their day was dull; Stephanie got her princess wedding she wanted and the prince charming she desired no thanks in part to Castle Rockwall's stunning property. Even the rock arches at the front entrance so perfectly showed off Stephanie and Andrew's fairytale dreams! If your dream wedding includes huge vaulted ceilings, grandiose halls, and a happily ever after the end of the night, Castle Rockwall is your perfect venue!

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