January 26, 2024

While many people love the hustle and bustle of the bigger cities like Dallas or Fort Worth, there are just as many people that love the other side of Texas. Replace the skyline with open sky, replace concrete skyscrapers with wide open skies, replace the "typical" decorations with a barn made of rustic-looking wood - now we are talking about Texas. If you prefer the countryside of Texas over the city side of Texas, you need to check out The Big White Barn in Decatur, Texas.

Located 30ish minutes northwest of Fort Worth, and 30ish minutes west of Decatur, The Big White Barn has some of the most scenic fields that we have gotten a chance to shoot in. Picked as one of the Top 10 Farm Venues by Wedding Spot, and voted as one of the "Best of" venues on theknot.com, this venue rests on 80 acres of grassy plains, with indoor or outdoor ceremony options, a pond to take pictures, and a sunset that you won't be able to keep yourself from putting all over your Instagram feed. We have been fortunate enough to shoot here multiple times, including the wedding of Tiffany & Michael.

There wasn't a cloud in the sky on the big day, which meant lots of pretty natural light that spilled into the gorgeous bridal suite where Tiffany and her girls were getting ready. Vaulted ceilings, multiple stations for makeup and hair preparation, a huge mirror on the wall and all of the beautiful white wood made this an easy place to capture some really nice photography and videography of the excitement. The hardwood floor and vintage looking plush seating were nice touches; we even got some fun shots of Tiffany in the full-size bathtub located in the suite bathroom - it all felt very Texas throwback but in a super classy way. Tiffany and her dad shared some happy tears during the first look here, and then it was hard to keep the emotions back when the wedding party and her parents prayed for her. It was almost time for the ceremony.

A perfect space to enjoy the weather but stay out of the Texas sun, the ceremony took place under the huge covered patio located on the back of the building. Michael, clad in an off-white suit, navy tie, and cowboy hat, waited patiently for his bride Tiffany. When they saw each other for the first time of the big day during the bridal entrance, he was barely able to keep it together - we didn't catch any man tears this time, but it was really, really close. The ceremony went off without a hitch and featured a knot-tying ceremony before they were pronounced newly married. We used the same space (and all of the pretty, natural light of the outdoors) to take group pictures here, as the roof provided the shade we needed to avoid any squinting that you sometimes would get during ceremonies that end during the day. Now it was time to move inside for the reception.

The reception space is inside the BWB (Big White Barn) and it is very impressive! Huge vaulted ceilings, lights strung throughout that make for nice bokeh backgrounds in photos, and an upstairs balcony we took advantage of for a huge group dance floor picture. Tiffany and her dad did not hold back during the father/daughter dance, breaking out a choreographed dance routine that had everyone laughing and cheering them on. After the event dances, cake cutting, toasts, and the shoe game, it was time to kick off the open dance floor (but also time for us to sneak Tiffany and Michael outside for some portraits.

The bright sun had gone down, leaving a beautiful, soft light everywhere to shoot in - these pictures were some of our favorites of the day! We went out near the pond to capture both couples portraits and a few bridals portraits of just Tiffany. With this light and this country setting, it would be nearly impossible to come back without beautiful shots, and we took full advantage. Back inside, the party kept going as glow sticks were passed out to all of the guests. If you have guests that are up for some fun but don't really have "dancing rhythm", we highly recommend the fun of the glow sticks! After a private last dance, Tiffany and Michael made an exit out of the barn through a runway of friends and family who saw them out into the night.

The abundance of space, the impressive barn, and the beautiful setting made this one of our favorite wedding venues in Texas. If you fashion yourself as an outdoorsy person, a cowboy, or just prefer the quieter side of life, you have to check out the Big White Barn when planning your wedding!

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