January 26, 2024

Nestled right between the hustling Metroplex and vast Texas countryside sits the elegant Firefly Gardens. That location was intentionally chosen by the Smith family preceding their venue's launch; how great would it be to offer a luxurious white venue that is family owned and operated so close to the expansive Dallas/Fort Worth area? When those dreams came to fruition in 2014, hopeful couples flooded to reserve their spot at this beautiful venue, even two years in advance. One such lucky couple was Kaitlin and Troy.

Smiles wouldn't stop as Kaitlin and her bridesmaids took pictures in their matching flannels. The joy was evident as they all realized what a beautiful day it was going to be, but the smiles didn't stop there. As Troy got prepped for the day, his groomsmen couldn't help but get him to smile as they cracked some jokes over the photographer's shoulder. Even still, his candid smiles fell short to the immense joy he felt knowing he'd soon see his bride to be. After a heartfelt prayer, Troy got ready to move on with the day.

The whole atmosphere shifted when Kaitlin finally put on her dress. Today finally became real. Mom had the pleasure of buttoning the last couple of buttons of Kaitlin's dress, meanwhile, her bridesmaids waited with anticipation to play a part in helping her get prepared. Each quickly came over to help her with the final touches. As they were nearby, they each took the opportunity to say a prayer and encouragement to her as the feelings set in. Kaitlin gathered herself and got ready to see her father for the first time in her dress.

The grandeur of the moment built with every step towards her father. Firefly Gardens' beautiful reception hall echoed with every footstep. The moment he turned to see Kaitlin for the first time, the tears began to fall! Meanwhile, Troy was preparing a special note for his future bride. After a final hug, Kaitlin's father and she departed as she headed over for a no-look shot with Troy. The emotions intensified as they both handed each other their letters. After a laugh, a moment, and a prayer, we took Kaitlin and her bridesmaids out for some pictures. All the bridesmaids couldn't hold back their excitement as they watched the photographer take bridal pictures of Kaitlin, and even got her to laugh a good couple of times! Then after some pictures of everybody, the wedding party got tucked away to prepare for the big moment: the ceremony.

Happiness could not be held back as Troy and his groomsmen took every step from the reception hall to the ceremony location. We could only imagine how quickly Troy's heart was racing as he saw each bridesmaid walk down the steps to join everybody in anticipation for Kaitlin's entrance. As those big doors opened, you could visibly see the joy Troy experienced seeing his love walk towards him. When they met all their fears were dismissed. With eager anticipation, they both couldn't hold back their excitement to say "I do". Though the ceremony seemed so quick, the pictures catalog the happiness and joy both Kaitlin & Troy experienced having all their friends and family be with them. Then the words they anticipated were finally given; you may kiss the bride! From then on, the smiles didn't stop.

After a portrait session all across the beautiful venue, Kaitlin & Troy prepared to dance their way into the reception. The first dance was incredibly special. Every eye that night was glued on the radiant couple! After some sweet words were given by the couple and their wedding party, it was time for the parental dances. Firefly Gardens' wide dance floor opened up to Kaitlin and her father's first dance, followed by Troy and his mother. After the tears were wiped away, the dancing began! Laughter enveloped the reception hall as the smiles and dancing continued into the late hours of the night. The moment finally came for everyone to head outside for the grand exit. While the guests were outside, Kaitlin & Troy took a moment to share one final moment together on the dance floor. After such a fun day, the couple took a second to reminisce and look forward alone together. When the final notes of their last song concluded, they quickly ran outside through the crowd of friends and family and drove off into forever. Firefly Gardens offered everything Kaitlin & Troy wanted to document a day full of laughter, smiles, tears, and love.

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