January 26, 2024

Alternative. Urban. Upscale. These words perfectly describe the vibe of Event 1013 in Plano. Yet even with those descriptions, this venue has a rich history dating back to the early 1900s. From being a department store to a photography studio to the event venue it is today, 1013 is one of the most historic buildings in Plano. For the couple wanting that rich history and stylish aesthetic, this venue is the perfect fit. And for Kate & Jesse, it was just that.

Make-up and prep for Kate and her girls was fun and full of laughs. 1013's rustic brick walls and soft window lighting offered an amazing backdrop for Kate getting on make-up and helping her bridesmaids into their dresses. For Jesse and his best man, laughs were going around as well, though mostly because they'd each forgotten how to tie their ties! Once he was fully dressed, it was time to get ready to see his bride to be.

What a beautiful spot to zip the dress! Kate and her bridesmaids got emotional as the reality of what today was set in. Once the dress was zipped, jewelry was on, the shoes were tightened, it was time for Kate's father and mother to see her for the first time in her dress. As they walked in through the front door, their whole demeanor changed. Smiles from ear to ear! Not too much longer and her father would walk her down the aisle to the man of her dreams.

1013's corrugated metal background offered the perfect backdrop for Jesse to wait patiently for Kate to walk down the aisle. As soon as she walked into the ceremony hall, his whole face lit up! From the message to the vows, and to the ring exchange, the anticipation built as both the audience and the couple waited for the announcement of man and wife. When the moment finally happened, the uproar heard throughout the ceremony was tremendous! Kate & Jesse's love has finally been finalized... but the day is far from over!

When the ceremony was over, Kate, Jesse, and their posse took the time to get some stellar group shots in front of that beautiful metal backdrop. Everyone had a blast striking poses and smiling, making sure the photographer captured every little bit of their personality in every shot. After the group shots, the couple took time to capture stunning portraits both indoors and outdoors on 1013's gorgeous outdoor property!

The reception was full of laughs, killer dance moves, and tears. After everyone had partied their hearts out, they lined up outside for the grand exit. Kate & Jesse laughed and smiled during every second of the grand exit, knowing that the people around them are the people who care for them the most! Event 1013 is the perfect venue for those who want helpful staff, historic building, and offers that urban feel they want!

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