January 26, 2024

As wedding photographers and wedding videographers, we love when we can walk around and find countless spots for different events throughout a wedding day. We love when there is outdoor soft light for when the father sees his daughter in her dress for the first time, big open windows for when the bride and groom are crying through their vows, and luscious green scenery for candid couples portraits. One of those venues that hits all of that criteria is the Chapel at Ana Villa in the Dallas area. We're gonna follow the story of Sheila & Thomas on their special day at this venue!

The beginning of the day for Sheila and her bridesmaids began by getting their makeup and hair done. The feeling of excitement was contagious! Meanwhile, Thomas's best man was helping him get into his suit. After some laughs in their robes, it was time for Sheila to get into her dress! As the last buttons were being buttoned, you could sense how ready Sheila was to see her future husband! After the earrings were put in and the shoes buckled, it was time for her father to see her for the first time. After they shared a couple of moments and her veil was put on, it was time for Sheila to head outside to see Thomas.

Thomas waited for what seemed forever outside the beautiful doors of Chapel at Ana Villa's courtyard for Sheila to come and tap him on his shoulder. His smile grew wider and wider as he heard Sheila's footsteps come closer and closer until his smile turned to tears as he turned to see his lovely bride. That, of course, spurred Sheila to cry as well! Since there was plenty of time, we took the opportunity to grab some bridals of Sheila in her stunning dress! The gorgeous covered patio offered the perfect environment for these pictures. She was glowing the entire time, but somehow she shined, even more, when we pulled Thomas in for some portraits. After some incredible portraits, it was time for the most important part of the day, the ceremony.

The chapel grew increasingly excited as Thomas and the wedding party started heading down the aisle. Even still, the most eager person to see Sheila come down the aisle was staring directly at the door down the aisle. As the glass doors opened to reveal Sheila, you could see Thomas's demeanor shift from eager anticipation to absolute joy. It was the moment he looked forward to for quite some time. Smiles were given, tears were shed, and love was shared. When Sheila and Thomas went in for the first kiss, the chapel roared with applause.

Everyone moved to the La Cava room of Chapel at Ana Villa for the reception, a beautiful, intimate reception hall fit for those who want plenty of space, but also the ambiance reminiscent of a Spanish wine cellar. After Sheila and Thomas finished the family and wedding party photos, it was time to party with their friends and family at the reception! The guests greeted them with smiles and tears as they headed in and went into the first dance. Everyone's attention was glued to them as they danced, followed by the parental dances.

Every aspect of the reception was catered to Sheila & Thomas, from the perfect scenery to the models of their dogs resting on the base of their cake. The toasts preceded the cake cutting, and only brought more joy and tears to the day! After the stories were shared, love was given, and glasses were raised, it was time to party! Not much could stop Sheila from showing off her killer moves on the dance floor, and not a moment was dull from then on!

Though everyone wanted to dance the night away, it was time for all the guests to head outside for the couple's private last dance. While they were dancing, it was if they hadn't noticed the photographers taking pictures of them at all. They were just so happy to be dancing with each other to end the incredible day it was. After the song ended, they rushed outside only to be greeted by the ones they love and confetti! The beautiful patio area of Chapel at Ana Villa offered them the perfect space to run past their friends and family into forever spent together.

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