January 26, 2024

Ask anyone who has been married, it is no walk in a park to try and find that perfect spot to say "I do". From a photographers point of view there are a few things to keep in mind, how's the lighting, how is the decór and is it spacious? One of our favorite venues in the Fort Worth area is the BRIK venue, and it has all three of these in spades, not to mention a gorgeous mix of turn of the century industrial architecture, mixed with modern sophistication and design.

With its unique, ornate and rich historical architectural features, updated in a tasteful manner,  it is the perfect venue for those of us who admire a little bit of the past with a modern twist. Even though the building, once a textile mill, has undergone a series of remodels and renovations, it still holds its turn of the century charm. This charm is exactly what drew Rebeccah & Rob to this incredible spot!

Nothing short of elegance describes even the bridal suite, with an open floor plan, beautiful mirrors, and rustic hardwood floors. It made the perfect backdrop for the bridesmaid reveal of Rebeccah in her beautiful dress! And if you thought the bridal suite was incredible, wait till you see the ceremony location where Rebeccah & Rob go into the first look. The ceremony room only adds to the sweet moment, having the tall white beams and beautiful hardwood flooring leads you into the beautiful moment between the couple! After a couple of tears and their gifts had been given to each other, it was time to head outside for some portraits and bridals!

The personalities of everyone in the wedding party really showed in their pictures at the altar area. From silly faces and big hugs to pretending to shine a balding head, this group of friends unashamedly showed who they really are. After another opportunity for the couple to take some portraits at the altar, it was time to prepare for the ceremony. The joy on Rob's face as him and his groomsmen walked up to the front of the altar were contagious, and it only intensified as he saw his soon to be wife walking down the aisle to him. With the help of some friends singing some hymns, the whole atmosphere of the ceremony became reverent. Emotions intensified and smiles grew wider as the officiant finally pronounced them man and wife. Probably one of the best moments of the day!

After a quick flip of the room, we got prepared for the reception! Rebeccah & Rob got greeted during their grand entrance by their whole wedding party going into their first dance, and the smiles didn't stop! From the cake cutting to the toasts, to the parental dances, the party only got more fun! Rebeccah & Rob truly had a great group of people around them. We were thankful to capture such fun moments, like the candid reactions of the spectators as Rob went in to go for Rebeccah's garter. Such a great capture! As the jams kept blasting, the laughs kept coming! Every moment for the rest of the night was such a blast, and even the rain couldn't stop Rebeccah & Rob from having an awesome grand exit! For this couple, the BRIK offered everything they wanted, and the venue was more than willing to help out wherever they could! If you want a sophisticated, modern venue for your big day, look no further than the BRIK.

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