February 6, 2024

Gotta look good on your big day, and your hair is a BIG part of that. Tulsa brides: If you have any questions about hair for your wedding day (aka wedding day hair) watch this episode! Sam from Sam Palmer Hair gives us all of the details you need to start planning your perfect wedding day look.

To get you prepped for the episode, here are some of the questions we cover.

  1. What are some of the most important things to consider when picking a hairstylist in Tulsa?
  2. Picking hairstyle style, what ideas should you bring to your appointment, inspiration photos
  3. What to consider when looking at inspiration photos (just because it looks good on that girl on Pinterest it may not be the best style for your day)
  4. What are the best hairstyles for length and/or face shape?
  5. What are the benefits of doing a trial run and when should you schedule it?
  6. For Tulsa wedding hair and Tulsa brides in general - What should the bride budget for getting her hair done? For getting her + bridesmaids done?
  7. Do you come to the venue to do hair or will we need to come to the salon?
  8. How many stylists do you need per people getting ready
  9. How much time should you allot for hair the day of
  10. Pre Wedding hair routine recommendations
  11. Staying power of certain hairstyles - what holds best throughout the day/strategies to keep your hair in place
  12. Do wedding hair stylists in Tulsa put in the veil or hairpieces?
  13. Will you be there to do touch-ups?
  14. What questions do you get frequently?
  15. What do YOU do that is different than some other hairstylists?

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