February 6, 2024

You've put a LOT of thought into the venue, the dress, the invitations, the decorations, and on and on....but then after you say "I Do", you have to get out there on the dance floor in front of everyone! If that thought terrifies you, or if you want to do something a little extra, you will want to watch this episode! In which Chris "Abstrakt" Nored answers all of our wedding dance questions.

To get you prepped for the episode, here are some of the questions we cover.

  1. I am a terrible dancer,is there any hope?
  2. Typical wedding day dance instructions
  3. How do we prepare for lessons?
  4. What should we anticipate on the first day?
  5. How many lessons should we anticipate
  6. How much do dance lessons cost?
  7. Do you choreograph first dances?
  8. Do you choreograph flash mob type dances
  9. What style can you choreograph (fun father daughter dances, traditional,etc.)

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