January 26, 2024

Every girl dreams of a fairytale wedding with her dress and heels and the man of her dreams. Jacely got all of that and more on her big wedding day. Sara’s Dream Boutique in Kansas City had everything Jacely was looking for.  We wouldn’t have been happier Jacely chose us as her Kansas City wedding photographer. She knew she wanted to have a crown and dress that would make everyone have to look twice and for her photos to be truly timeless. She found all of her accessories including her veil, shoes, earrings, and dress at the Boutique and she couldn’t wait to wear them on her special day.

The day came for Jacely to marry her man, Travis, and she couldn’t get ready fast enough! She slipped into her dress and her mother helped position her crown while she put her earrings on. While everyone else finished getting ready, Jacely snuck off with our wedding photographer to share the first touch with her soon-to-be husband. These photos always look lovely, but these two were very emotional and we got to capture every moment of it. They said their goodbyes behind the walls and made their way back to prepare for the ceremony. All of Jacely’s loved ones commented on how beautiful her crown and accessories were and she knew she made the right choice getting them from Sara’s Dream Boutique.  

The ceremony began and as Jacely walked down the aisle with her veil and crown reflecting light elegantly in the sun, they smiled and cried happy tears. There was no doubt she looked stunning and the wedding photographer definitely captured every moment. The bouquet of flowers accented all of her accessories beautifully and the contrast in the photos was absolutely stunning. The couple shared their vows and were pronounced husband and wife to all their family. Down the aisle, the couple shared another kiss and all their family waved ribbons in the background. This was a very unique touch and the photos were the perfect mixture of contrast, good light, and pure joy.

After the ceremony, the couple went off with our wedding photographer to take couples portraits and the light was perfect for these photos! Of course, the real stars of the show were Jacely and Travis. Her crown dazzled in all of her photos and added personality to her photos. They shared a little bit of alone time as newlyweds before it was time to join the rest of their family while we set up for the reception to begin. Little did their family know. Jacely had a special change of clothes for the reception so she got changed in the bridal suite while everyone waited for them to have their Grand introduction.

To everyone’s surprise, Jacely had a change of dress and took off her crown while still leaving her earrings and the whole family cheered. No one quite expected her to change because her dress was beautiful, but the next one she came out in was more elegant for the nighttime and flexible for her to dance and move around in. While the DJ got the party started the couple snuck away one last time with our photographer to get a different selection of wedding portraits together during nighttime. Her new dress was sleek and reflected the light just right for the photos to come out beautiful.  

The couple laughed and danced the night away with all of their now blended family, and the photographer captured all the happy moments on the dancefloor. They shared a first dance, cut their cake, listened to toasts, and even threw the bouquet. The night came to a roaring end and Jacely still wore her jewelry with elegance throughout the night. They were comfy and easy to wear and looked gorgeous in the photos!  

Sara’s Dream Boutique is the perfect place in Kansas City for all of your bridal needs and makes any and every Kansas City wedding photographer's job easy! From dresses to veils and crowns they have it all. We love how unique their options are and the finished product speaks for itself in all of the pictures below. Jacely and Travis had the wedding of their dreams and got to enjoy so many special memories with all their loved ones having all the accessories and wardrobe options from Sara’s Dream boutique, she was stress-free and felt beautiful. ;

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