January 26, 2024

Wedding venues in the Kansas City area come in all shapes, sizes and styles (a big plus for the bride that is searching) but what if you and your squad aren't really "City" people? This Kansas City Wedding was not even in Kansas City proper at all. The happy couple got married at the Sycamore Tree Venue, located about an hour and a half from downtown KC. Just because this venue is outside of the big city does not mean that it was not a party.

One of the biggest things to stand out from Desirae and Cade’s wedding are the small details that made the day extremely special. Remember the moment in “The Office” where Pam asks Jim to take the “mental pictures” throughout the wedding weekend? This wedding felt like that conversation. From the rings, putting on the dress, and seeing Cade for the first time, each moment was special to Desirae and each moment was worth the mental snapshot needed to take in.

One of my favorite interactions with Desirae was being able to help hold her Fireball shots. She made sure that I always had at least two on reserve for her during her day. Photographers have a unique position to help keep their brides collected by serving them in capacities that go beyond just snapping photos away. I always had two tiny Fireball shots in my pockets and checked in with Desirae before any big events to see if she needed them. Maybe in hindsight it was not the best move to constantly be serving my bride alcohol, but she greatly appreciated it as an extra boost before going into any big moments.

Desirae and Cade did share a first look before doing their wedding party portraits. After Cade turned around to see Desirae in her beautiful white dress for the first time, they exchanged special gifts. Cade gave a simple letter to Desirae, but Desirae gave a really intimate and special book to Cade. The book was so special that they did not even want to show the contents of the book for the camera. It seemed to be for their eyes only.

One of the most unique moments to happen for Desirae on her wedding day was sharing a shot of Fireball with her father before he walked her down the stairs and down the aisle. I have never seen this before, let alone at the top of the stairs. Desirae really wanted this moment captured perfectly and it was an intimate moment that I do not think I will ever forget.

One of the uncommon features of the Sycamore Tree is their rock quarry just down the road from the barn-style venue. The rock quarry is a spot for couples and wedding parties to do their photos, and because of the slight elevation, couple’s can get a unique look to their couple’s portraits. Desirae and Cade did just that. They used the quarry to get some fun and interesting photos that would usually be set in the field or close to the pond of the venue. They enjoyed the cold sunset together moments before going into their party.

The rest of the evening consisted of the usual reception flavor with some fun twists. The first twist was a grand entrance competition among the wedding party. This created some fun entrances. One of the groomsmen and bridesmaids were married and had an incredible trick up their sleeve for this competition that did not end as planned. The groomsman ended up bailing out of his backflip and fell in front of everyone. (Thankfully, he was okay.)

Along with the usual festivities of dances, toasts and tosses, the happy couple ended the evening with an incredible sparkler exit and an intimate private last dance. They were incredibly happy with how their day went and were looking forward to life together.

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