January 26, 2024

Teresa and David were a very fun and sweet couple who married at the River Road Chateau, North East of Dallas, Texas. This gorgeous couple had a wonderful air of calm throughout the day and the more we got to know them, the more outgoing and funny this couple was. It was an honor to capture this beautiful wedding day.

Teresa looked truly gorgeous. When I first met up with her, I soon learned about her love for books, after seeing a fight club sticker on her car - although I thought it was referring to the movie! The prep room had a very homely feel to it and it was a wonderful place for Teresa and her bridesmaids to get ready ahead of the big day. They each wore matching red chequered shirts and a makeup artist helped get the stunning bride ready. Teresa wore a beautiful, floor-length A-line gown that sparkled with detail.

David was really happy and excited for the big day. He and his groomsmen had a relaxing beer as they got ready, each of which had a personalized sleeve. It was a great way for the guys to chill out before the ceremony. The groomsmen wore beautiful, grey suits and David wore a dark blue suit jacket, with a tie to match.

The gorgeous venue was on a huge stretch of land and had a lot of elements to it. There was the stunning house for the preparations, which was just up a gravel road from the reception hall that also had prep areas and an outdoor bar. Down the path, there was a stunning creek, where the ceremony area was located. To get to it, you had to go through a stone gateway with wooden doors, down a stone path and that's where the gorgeous ceremony area was, with the arbor that had a gorgeous chandelier hanging over it. You would never know it was there. It was very secluded and romantic; the perfect setting to say 'I do.'

The venue had a very cute and quaint garden there that was perfect for the bridal photos. The whole place was surrounded by gorgeous trees and the long sweeping path running through them was the perfect place to capture the first look between Teresa and David. It was a stunning moment. David was so happy to see his stunning wife to be. We captured some more gorgeous shots of the couple, along with the soon the be husband and wife with the bridesmaids and groomsmen. The stunning bridesmaids wore duck egg blue, floor-length dresses and each of them looked beautiful. The flower arrangements were amazing and featured a deep red color that really popped.

It was soon time for the ceremony. Teresa looked radiant as she walked through the stunning wooden doors and down the stone aisle towards David. It was a very romantic setting, with string lights sparkling in the bushes and long, draping white material flowing gently in the wind. David looked emotional when Teresa's Father gave her away. The whole ceremony was gorgeous and they said 'I do' at sunset. We captured some stunning couples photos as the night drew in, under the amazing chandelier at the altar. It was beautiful to capture the first moments between Teresa and David as husband and wife.

We shot the video at this stunning wedding too, which was a great honor. After capturing the most gorgeous couples portraits, Teresa and David headed inside to their amazing reception. It was wonderful to find out more about the couples interests. The groom's cake was 'The Office' TV programme themed, so we joked about whether they wanted us to shoot the video like an episode of this, as usual, we tell the couples to try and not look directly at the camera. They joked that was exactly how they wanted it to be, as a homage to the show! The venue was decorated beautifully with string lights and white decor. Teresa and David shared a beautiful first dance, followed by dances with their parents before the night started to get more wild. The DJ was fantastic and got everyone dancing. There were two huddles of people who were having dance offs and later everyone took part in the conga.

Outside there was a cigar bar and more string lights twinkled in the night sky. Teresa and David shared a private last dance inside and then again outside under the twinkling lights. They left to a stunning sparkler exit. David swooped Teresa in his arms and gave her a kiss as the sparklers shone brightly around them. It was a very romantic moment and a wonderful way to end what had been a perfect day.

We had some of the most fun that we could have asked for at your wedding. Your cake was delicious and the BBQ from the patriotic pig blew my mind - I was begging you guys to stop feeding us, as we were close to needing to nap from all the food! It was really nice getting to know your family too. Thank you guys so much and we hope the next part of your adventure is as incredible as the start was.

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