January 26, 2024

Rebeccah and Rob truly glowed despite the rain that adorned their wedding day. I first met the couple on a blustery Saturday morning in Fort Worth’s Sundance Square. Even then, and even more so on their wedding day, you could see the happiness in Rob’s eyes as he looked at his bride to be. As they joked lightheartedly with each other throughout that gusty morning photo shoot, you knew that these two belonged together.

Rebeccah was truly stunning in her wedding dress, an elegant gown embellished with lace so light that it seemed to dance along with her throughout the day.  Rob looked dashing in a bowtie and tortoise shell glasses. His joy when he first beheld Rebeccah was evident to all those who were lucky enough to witness the couple’s first look.

The venue they chose, The Birk, reflected their personalities perfectly. The historical building with its antiquated hardwood floors and patinaed brick was a gorgeous backdrop for the beginning of a new love story.

Friends and family gathered around the couple for a sermon reminiscent of a ceremony of yore. Their singing filled the room to its cusp lifting the spirit of all those who partook in the service.

Always considerate, the couple had a charming hot chocolate bar in lieu of the traditional cocktail hour while, we photographers worked through the family photos. Come reception time, you could genuinely see the couple shine as they graciously greeted their guests and buoyantly danced. The two went the less traditional route and opted for a pie cutting, and I think all the guests were more than happy to oblige with their choice.

The night came to a close as the couple ran out into the rain and off to what I will hope to be a lifetime filled with joy. Congratulations to Rebeccah and Rob, they truly have been such a pleasure to work with.

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