January 26, 2024

Getting married is one of the biggest days of your life, so we want to make sure that the venue we pick and vendors we chose are the right ones to fit our needs. Sydney and Kevin kept this in mind when looking for the perfect place to host their wedding and have all their wedding photos taken there. When they came across Blackstone Country Club in the Denver area, they knew it was the perfect place for their special day. The stairs leading to the ceremony space, the string lights, and all of the beautiful land behind the venue was breathtaking and made for the perfect setting for their beautiful pictures!  

Sydney started the day at the Ritz hotel room to get ready with her bridal party with a beautiful view overlooking the city of Denver. She got her hair and makeup done and got to take some good photos looking out the window into the city that showcased all the buildings outside. Sydney shared some beautiful moments with her mom and her other bridal party members to help her in her dress and encourage her before she said 'I do'. Once everybody was ready, the wedding photographer took photos of the parties separately and they were off to the Blackstone Country Club where their ceremony and reception were going to take place.  

The venue has two large doors that are oval at the top and are made of beautiful wood that open into the reception space. Sydney’s father made his way out the doors waiting to see his little girl in her white dress on her 'BIG DAY'. Before he even saw her he started crying and wiping his tears from the overwhelming emotions that come along with his daughter about to get married. Finally he got to see her and they shared a lovely moment together that we got to capture for them to have forever. It was very touching.  

Following getting ready, sharing a few private moments with loved ones, and a few pre-ceremony photos it was time to walk down the aisle. Kevin’s family walked him down the aisle and the bridal party followed behind. All of the family stood as they waited for Sydney to come down the steps and through the aisle. It was finally time for Kevin to see his wonderful bride walk down the aisle with her family. Just like dad, Kevin was filled with emotions joy, and wonder! Finally, they stood under the arch saying their vows and I do’s in front of all their friends, and family.  After all the 'I do's' are said and the two have become one, the party is ready to start! With family photos and the wedding party photos wrapped up, Sydney and Kevin were able to sneak away for our photographer to take couples portraits for the newlyweds. At that moment it was clear that they chose the perfect setting for their wedding celebration! The rocks leading them to a quiet pond on the venue's property gave them the breathtaking setting they sought after for this very moment. The Couple finished their portraits and got ready to have their grand introduction as husband and wife to all their loved ones. Sydney and Kevin walked right into their first dance and got to experience such a special moment in front of all their family and friends. The beautiful twinkle lights against the white walls and the white linen tables looked great in their wedding photos as they danced with each other.  

As the dancing carried on, the couple got to cut their cake and scurried off to dance more with all their family and friends. The dance floor was full and the venue had a great amount of space for all of them to dance and have fun throughoutnight. The lighting was just right and we definitely got on the dance floor with them for a few songs!    

Sydney spent time dancing with her dad before a bunch of Kevin’s guy friends started a big group dance as Kevin threw hundred-dollar bills to his new wife as they all danced together. It was such a wholesome moment filled with joy and happiness. It's easy to see why they chose Blackstone Country Club from the start of the day to the very end. The venue had the perfect look, feel and style for these two. It's not the easiest thing to pick a wedding venue and when you find the one you know it in your heart!

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