January 26, 2024

Noell and Jake celebrated their gorgeous wedding at the Hampton Estates in Weatherford, Texas. These two love birds are massive Harry Potter fans and handed me wands to take photos with when I arrived. The lovely couple who both work in medicine was a pleasure to get to know and we were honored to capture the video of photographs of this special day.

While taking photos in the bridal suite, I learned a lot about the couple and their lovely family, and after, I felt like I was one of the family after getting the know them all so well. Noell was a stunning bride. She wore a gorgeous white, mermaid style wedding dress that looked inspired by the 20s. She downed a miniature bottle of liquor ahead of the big day, before putting her veil in place and adding the final touches of jewelry. We captured a gorgeous first look between Noell and her Father. He had the biggest smile on his face when he saw her and they shared a huge hug. Everyone was so happy. The whole day coming together was a godsend and was so emotional.

Jake look extremely smart in his suit. He wore a light grey suit, dark brown brogues, and a pink bowtie. His groomsmen dressed to match. They helped him get ready and we took some great shots of them all outside ahead of the ceremony. Later, we captured some gorgeous shots of Noell and Jake, holding hands while stood either side of a wall.

Noell and her Father walked down the long sweeping path, toward the ceremony. The wedding took place outside. It was a gorgeous day for the occasion. The adorable flower girl spread flowers before Noell walked down the aisle. The bride to be looked gorgeous as she walked past the guests towards Jake and she shed a tear when she saw him there. Noell and Jake were surrounded by gorgeous trees for their nuptials. They said their stunning vows and were pronounced husband and wife.

After Noell and Jake were married, we captured gorgeous shots of the couple with their families. The large expanse of outdoor space was abundant with trees and greenery. There was a beautiful pond where we captured lots of the portraits, under a big tree. We went off with the couple to take their stunning couples portraits. The sun glistened through the trees which made the most gorgeous background for the photos. It was wonderful for the couple to spend some time together alone, in their first moments as husband and wife. The enchanted wands came out that I was handed previously. I wasn't sure what to do with these, but luckily the videographer new just what to do and asked them to have a dual! This was an amazing way to make the photos show their personalities and interests.

The venue was beautiful and unique. It had a house and reception hall. The large mansion style building had many rooms, including a pool table and a big living room. There was a spa there too. 150 yards in the back was a beautiful open reception room. The kitchen had a glass wall and opened up to more seating. Very long string lights hung down and gave it this really beautiful twilight look to it.

Outdoors there was a fire pit and light up marquee letters that spelled out 'love'. The food was outside too and many of the guests enjoyed the culinary delights and encouragement from the barman before heading inside to dance. The toasts were amazing and you could see the love that everyone had for Noell and Jake. They shared fun traditions like the garter toss and everyone had a great time dancing into the night, thanks to the amazing DJ who did a fantastic job. Noell and Jake left to a stunning sparkler exit, after sharing a romantic private last dance.

Thank you for inviting me to be part of your day. You treated us like family and made sure we were fed and got to relax with you too. It was great to get to know your backstory and party the night away with you. Congratulations!

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