January 26, 2024

Maddy and Ryan had a beautiful wedding day in Hays, Kansas. The thoughtful couple planned the whole day to perfection and even welcomed us with a gift bag full of treats to keep us going through the day. It was wonderful to capture this glorious day.

Maddy and Ryan, who are both P.E. teachers, had a lot of love for each other. This was clear to see throughout the whole day. Maddy looked gorgeous. She wore her long, blonde hair down, which was curled. Her stunning dress was a white, mermaid style gown with a sweetheart neckline. Part of her Grandma’s wedding dress had been sewn in to Maddy’s wedding dress, which made her gown even more special. Maddy’s bridesmaids wore dusky blue dresses which were floor length and suited each bridesmaid perfectly. They all laughed together and had drink before heading out for the big day. We captured a gorgeous shot of the rings before the ceremony, which were placed on a set of ring holders that Maddy had found and had taken a liking to.

Ryan looked very sharp in his silver/gray suit. We captured some emotional shots of Ryan reading a note from his soon to be wife; it was a moment of reflection and time to think about the amazing day ahead.

The ceremony was wonderful. Maddy and Ryan married in a gorgeous, grand, catholic church, that had natural light flowing all the way through it. There was a great sense of peace and tranquility. One young guest enjoyed a nap on her mother as the ceremony took place, perhaps conserving energy for the reception later in the day!

In a touching moment, Maddy’s Mom rearranged a heart that was on a bracelet that she had given her daughter whilst on a trip to Jamaica. When the heart was facing out, it meant Maddy’s heart was open; Maddy met Ryan soon after their holiday. Maddy’s Mom changed the heart to face inwards, meaning her heart was closed and committed to her one true love. It was a really beautiful moment.

The guests applauded as Maddy and Ryan kissed at the end of the gorgeous ceremony. The sun was shining as they left the church. Maddy, Ryan and their guests shared smiles and laughter in this joyous moment. We went back and captured shots in and outside the church with the bride and groom’s close friends and family. We took fun photos where the groomsmen and bridesmaids chased Maddy and Ryan; you could see the wonderful friendships between all of them. Later, we captured some fabulous shots of them all on a school bus, which had Mr and Mrs Quimby written on the side.

We then took Maddy and Ryan away, to capture photos of the two of them and give them some time alone together in their first moments as husband and wife. We went in to a field of wheat which was the perfect setting for the couples portraits, made even more perfect as the usually windy Hays, Kansas, was calm and peaceful. Amazing touches to these photos really showed their personalities and what they loved, including photos which featured their two beautiful dogs! The weather soon turned and we thought that our chance for a sunset shot was gone, but later, as the garter toss was taking place, the most amazing sunset started and the sky turned all kinds of yellow and orange. We raced outside and captured the most stunning sunset portraits of the beautiful bride and groom.

The reception was filled with gorgeous fairy lights and flowers. Maddy and Ryan cut their beautiful cake and enjoyed special toasts from friends and family. The guests gathered round to watch the emotional first dance. The dance floor was soon full and guests enjoyed different, fun dances, including the wild ‘flying dutchman’, where people are spun round and round very quickly! It was really funny to watch, if a little scary at times! Maddy and Ryan enjoyed a private last dance, to round off what had been a magical day.

It was fantastic to meet Maddy and Ryan and we were so thankful to capture this special day. If you’re searching for the perfect wedding photographer to capture your special day, why not contact us or find out more about what we can offer you here.

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