January 26, 2024

Lisa and Lewis are a gorgeous pair of muggles who enjoyed a Harry Potter themed wedding at The Bride and The Bauer in Kansas City, Missouri. This stunning wedding was amazingly positioned around literature and suited the couple down to the ground. It was an honor to capture the wedding of this very sweet couple, who loved books more than anything (besides each other of course).

Lisa was a stunning bride. She wore an A-line gown with buttons at the back and the most beautiful lace detail. Her earrings had words etched on them too, which was an extra special touch for this literary-themed wedding. Lisa and Lewis exchanged letters, which they read in separate areas of the rustic looking venue. Later, Lisa and her Father shared a first look moment. He looked extremely proud of his daughter ahead of her nuptials. He kissed her on the forehead before we took off to capture our next first look moment, between the happy couple.

Lisa walked down the stairwell and tapped Lewis on the shoulder. Lewis was wearing a very smart dark grey suit, with a striking blue tie which worked in with the color scheme and the blue flowers in the bride's stunning bouquet. Lewis turned around and looked overjoyed to see Lisa in her wedding dress. It was a gorgeous moment that the two of them can look back on in the future and remember, forever and always.

We headed outside to capture some shots of the bridal party and groomsmen, along with the cute flowers girls and page boys. They stood on the amazing stone steps outside the rustic venue to capture these gorgeous photos. Lisa's bridesmaids looked stunning in their long, royal blue dresses, all of which were slightly different styles. The blue really popped in the light. We captured the bride and groom sharing a kiss, while the flower girls and page boys stood at the front pulling faces and giggling. It was a very cute photograph.

It was soon time for the ceremony. The hall was decorated beautifully, with paper flowers made from pages of books hanging all the way down from the ceiling. There was a lot of gorgeous wooden flooring, big old looking windows, and exposed brickwork. It was a very rustic but romantic setting. Lisa walked down the aisle towards Lewis, who looked so happy and in love. They were a sweet and goofy couple and showed their emotion in their own way. The vows were said and the happy couple pronounced husband and wife. It was a gorgeous ceremony. We then captured some really fun shots of the couple with the groomsmen and bridal party, including one of all the guys donning dark sunglasses and making some strong poses for the camera! They looked very cool. This followed by the gorgeous couples portraits. We loved taking the photos of the pair hiding behind their favorite Harry Potter books.

The reception was great fun. Lisa and Lewis were warmly welcomed into the hall by friends and family. There were lots of amazing toasts. Lisa and Lewis sat on the top table, which was decorated with the words 'MR' and 'MRS' that were made out of books. The cake was amazing. It was Harry Potter themed that was topped with a quidditch ball. The evening continued with lots of dancing and laughter. In the end, they shared a private last dance, which finished with the couple sitting on the floor, to contemplate what an amazing day they had.

The whole day was wonderful. We captured amazing shots inside and on the rooftop, as well as in the library, which was the perfect setting for this really sweet and easy going couple. They left to a gorgeous sparkler exit down the alleyway and departed in a classic car, to begin the rest of their lives together as husband and wife.

Thank you guys for inviting us into such an intimate time in your life, all the way from the engagement photos to the big day. Getting to know you guys was a really big joy for us, as well as being a part of this and getting to know more about your love for Harry Potter. I didn't realize how big the Harry Potter following could be so thank you for teaching me about it and being patient with me when I didn't know certain things. It was a truly amazing day.

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