January 26, 2024

Whenever people are looking for their wedding venue, they usually look for a couple things. Large Bridal/Groom Suites, a beautiful mountain view, inside and outside ceremony options, an all inclusive one stop shop, and beautiful reception space to celebrate the couple’s love. Bonnie Blues is that place that encompasses all those elements. As a family owned and operated venue in the plains of Colorado, this venue is always on the top of bride’s list.

Bonnie Blues is centered around the family, and specifically was named after their grandmother that passed a couple years ago. She was an elegant, incredible, family-centered human being and is everything that this family is proud they have put into this venue.  

Holly and Tim absolutely loved everything about this venue, because they viewed their wedding as a union of their two families. The story behind the two of them actually started on a dating app, whenever Holly’s mom actually selected Tim based on his profile picture. The two then say the rest is history, they linked up during COVID-19 and were inseparable ever since.  

For the Gabriel Wedding, they wanted to have everything focused on the details. This fun-loving, Star Wars couple truly incorporated the little things everywhere they could. They put figurines in the floral arrangements, all the table decorations had memorable ornaments to highlight family members, and of course they brought out the light sabers.  

Holly’s sister, Heather actually coordinated all of her decor throughout the wedding, made sure things were running smoothly, and was always one step ahead. Bonnie Blues truly lets you take control of your day. Selecting your own wedding coordinator, wedding florist, bakers, and caterers. Most couples at Bonnie Blues including Holly and Tim pick food trucks at this venue. In front of the venue is the perfect spot, whenever dinner is ready the guests can enjoy their own food truck stop selection.  

Don’t even get me started on the reception space, as you feel as if you are inside the most upscale barn. Beautiful wood-lined walls and ceilings, it almost gives you a feeling you’re in a cozy ski lodge. You even have the option to get your dance on inside, or outside under the stars and string lights.  

For many reasons, Bonnie Blues is at the top of the couple's list because of the amazing details, the beautiful barn that is the center of the location, stunning mountain views, and family atmosphere that makes you feel right at home. Whether you bring in all the decorations to help you elevate your wedding, or just let the venue speak for itself and go with the minimalist approach. You won’t be disappointed if you choose to tie the knot at Bonnie Blues.

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