January 26, 2024

What is the importance of a wedding video?

When you’re getting ready for the big day, you always have big questions. What flowers should be in my arrangement, what colors should my bridesmaids wear, and should I invite that old friend I haven't talked to in years? If you have ever asked if you should get a wedding video, Ashley and Quinn’s video of their wedding should cement in your mind that, yes, most definitely yes, you should have a wedding video.

Ashley & Quinn chose to get married out at the Springs in Skiatook Oklahoma. Set up in the scenic hills surrounding Tulsa, with a breathtaking lakeside ceremony area, this place is as gorgeous as it gets. We suggest if you are in the Tulsa area to definitely check this spot out, as it will have you enamored the moment you lay eyes on it!

Now while getting ready before the ceremony, Ashley & Quinn decided to read letters to each other. These letters were written by them to be exchanged on the wedding day. If you have thought about doing this, let me say you should absolutely do it! All of the emotions that build-up to this big moment can be succinctly expressed in a beautiful handwritten note to your fiance, and let them know how excited and ready you are to be theirs forever. While photos of this are always so sweet, this is where we know that video is the perfect option. Being able to hear yourselves read those letters again and again over the years, for anniversaries, romantic Valentines day, and whenever is something that can never be replaced. Ashley and Quinn wrote some of the most emotional notes to each other that we had ever had the opportunity to hear, and they had us on the verge of tears!!

Once they had finished the letters Ashley had a first look with dad. Again this is where a video of the big day shines. Not only being able to see his reaction from photos but being able to relive that moment, as his expression changed, is something that cannot be missed, it is some of the cutest moments we are able to capture.

After doing all of the photos of the wedding party and a few photos of Ashley and Quinn, we headed to the ceremony area. We have seen many ceremonies, and this one had to be one of our favorites, especially with being able to capture video of this special ceremony. On top of writing handwritten letters to each other, Ashley and Quinn did personal vows. While getting through his vows to Ashley, Quinn broke down. Hearing his shaking voice and seeing the tears streaming down his face really portrays the love that he has for Ashley, he could barely contain it! Saying it again these moments, the moments that you will want to relive over and over again for the rest of your lives together is what makes the video so special. It has the power to make you feel like you are there again, hearing the vows for the first time, and seeing how much love was shared between these two, truly unforgettable.

Ashley and Quinn shared an emotional first kiss and head off back down the aisle as a couple. Afterward, we snuck them off at sunset to head down to the lake. Down by the lake, with the sun setting off in the distance behind the rolling hills, we made our way to the dock. This spot is such a gorgeous place for photos. All of the vivid colors of the sunset, with the serene water lapping up on the dock, brought a sense of peace to the entire session, and the photos and video that we captured were stunning to say the least.

We enjoyed the rest of the evening with family and friends, dancing and having a wonderful time. Hearing toasts from some of Ashley and Quinns closest friends, let us really see how much love these two are surrounded and supported by. If we could describe this day it would be with one word, emotional. Everyone had the most eloquent words to share, and really conveyed everything about what makes a wedding so special and fun. The ability to share the biggest day of your life with those who made your life so special.

We also got a chance to see one of our favorite reception guests arrive, Pistol Pete, the mascot for OSU!! The reception was a ton of fun, and we finished off the evening with a beautiful sparkler exit, with everyone wishing these two the best as they headed off for their lives together!!

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