January 26, 2024

Planning a wedding seems like a simple task, right? Once the question is popped and a date has been set everything seems to fall into place. That’s probably the most unrealistic expectation ever had by any bride or groom, in fact, after the event when we survey our brides, that is the number one thing they didn't expect - how much it took to get all of the details in order. Let's dive into a few things that can help you answer the question of, ‘how to prepare for my wedding?’ It seems like a daunting task but is over all easy to knock out by focusing on the big things first. Things like where to have the wedding, who will capture the ‘big day,’ and whether or not you want a band or a DJ.  

Earlier this year we got to capture the cutest wedding photos for Sarah and Griffin. Their wedding with well put together details, lots of planning, and a good deal of thought about how the day's events would go down. It all started when they realized they had a lot of friends and family they wanted to be able to attend and needed an all in one wedding venue so they could entertain their guest for both the ceremony and reception in style and comfort. They chose The Brik Venue in Fort Worth, Texas. The Brik Venue is located on the outskirts of downtown Fort Worth and has the perfect mixture of modern industrial and rustic vibes. What made this venue perfect for Sarah and Griffin was its spacious ceremony hall upstairs with easy access to the bridal suite and an even more spacious reception hall with loads of room for the dance floor, tables to set at during dinner. These are key factors to keep in mind when looking for the right venue and setting to host a big celebration. Hopefully once you pick the venue you have a more clear path as you ask yourself the question of, ‘how to prepare for my wedding?’

The next topic on the list is arguably one of the most important aspects of your ‘big day.’ Picking the right people to take your wedding photos and video is huge not only because it can be costly but after the wedding you are left with the images to hold dear and show off to the world. It’s important to pick photographers and videographers that tell amazing stories and give you confidence that your story, your love story, will be told properly. Always go with a trusted professional who has not only the experience but the reviews from brides with honest feedback. For Sarah and Griffin, going with Epic Photos and Films was a no brainer. They wanted amazing photos from industry pros that didn’t have an excessive price tag, could create the look they wanted and who could capture them as they shared their first experiences as man and wife. For us, this comes second nature and we easily checked all of the boxes next to their hopes and dreams for a wedding photographer. They also made our experience on the day go very smoothly. They did the homework we had for them and made sure they had all of their shot list together ahead of time, make sure everyone knew when to show up and from there we started taking our photos.  

The last big question to ask yourself and your fiance is how you want the nights music or entertainment delivered. Is a band or DJ the best choice for your vibe? Either way it's hard to go wrong when you're working with bands and DJ’s that are wedding pros.  One thing you don’t want to do is get a budget band from the local dive bar or the DJ you saw on a rooftop downtown spinning as if the club was bumping. Great bands and DJ’s who do a ton of weddings will have all the tips and tricks to make sure your reception goes according to plan and that all of your guests are out on the dance floor having the time of their life celebrating with you. DJ Connection was the DJ of choice for Sarah and Griffin’s ‘big day.’ When asking why they chose DJ Connection they simply told us that too many people had referred them to pass them by. Seeing DJ Connection first hand we can testify to why so many people refer to them time and time again. They are always professional, kind and they know how to get the dance floor rocking while keeping all of the receptions events happening seamlessly. At one point in the night the DJ was on the dance floor teaching the bride and groom how to do a line dance and helped organize several photos from the mic making it easy for us to capture them.  

Planning a wedding does take a lot of work but is equally fun and pays off big time when you get to sit back and have the time of your life on your best day ever! When the thought of, ‘how to prepare for my wedding,’ pops into your head start with those key aspects. Having a venue, photo & video team along with a great band or DJ will open up an unlimited supply of help for anything and everything else you will need to prepare and plan your ‘big day.’ Sarah and Griffin did it right and chose industry pros and the result of it is everlasting memories of the biggest and best celebration of their love to date!

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