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Every blushing bride wants to have the perfect wedding day and many have dreamed about their big day for years and years. Lately, those perfect days also include giving the man of their dreams a great day, too. After all, the wedding day is an emotional and amazing day for him, too, but in the past, the wedding was always centered around the bride and her wishes. Now, with more and more modern brides shifting the focus, or just really wanting to dote on their significant other, it has become extremely popular for the bride and groom to exchange a special wedding day gift. Luckily, we're putting together this article to give you not only timeless and always-special gift ideas, but also the trending gift ideas and popular gifts we've been seeing this year, in 2019.

Trending Gift Ideas for Hubby from His Bride

We've been seeing some gifts that are really taking hold in the last few years, but especially in 2019 as brides share their ideas with each other over the internet and Pinterest helps give them suggestions as well. We've compiled these ideas together so you can find them all in one place and give you the chance to get you everything you need at one time. These trending gift ideas for your groom will surely give you some inspiration as to what to get him that you may not have already thought of.

Wedding Day Survival Kit

Image from pinterest

One of the biggest trends we've been seeing lately is the wedding day survival kits for grooms. These kits come in a variety of ways, but we think it's a fun and cute way to show your special man how much you care. Some brides have chosen to put everything into a wooden box, while others surprise their man by placing it in the care of his best man to surprise him with later, while they are all getting ready. From what we've seen, these kits have included a pair of socks to ward away "cold feet", a small bottle of his favorite bourbon or drink to "calm his nerves", a watch to be "on time", a small, nice shaving kit for the big day, a personalized handkerchief, a personalized flask, and a shoe shine kit, all with a cute tag or note to tell him what it is for.

Rustic Beer Caddy

Image from The Knot

With more and more couples leaning into the rustic chic trend, we've been seeing more gifts like this one become popular. Give him a personalized wooden beer bottle caddy to bring the drinks to his friends on the porch or to the grill where he cooks the food. Either way, having a stylish and much easier way to carry all that beer, whether he's sharing it or not. This one includes a bottle opener to make it even more manly.

Globe Shaped Decanter

Image from Amazon

Decanters have been another one of those gifts that we've been seeing more of lately. This decanter is perfect for the bourbon, whiskey, or wine drinking man at your side. Manly, yet modern and very decorative, this decanter shows he is a man of the world while also helping to aerate his drink, which allows the flavors and aromas to develop. It's a good gift for a man who likes to travel as well, as it is shaped like a globe and etched with images of the world's continents.

Handmade Phone Dock

Image from Etsy

Small, thoughtful items have been popping up over the years and this dock is one of those. For any man that likes to have a "spot" to put his things, this phone dock also has a place for his keys and wallet, or other small items he likes to carry in his pocket. Small enough to place on his bedside table or on a small table located at the entrance of your home or other "drop zone", this dock will help keep all of his items in one easy to find spot until he needs them again.

Martini Set

Image from Heritage Distilling

Maybe your groom doesn't drink wine or whiskey. This martini gift set is another good choice and we've been seeing these types of gifts more lately, as well, while people reach back into time and are bringing sets like this back to life in the modern age. With this gift, your new husband will easily be able to create his own perfect martini (or you can make one for him) when he's ready to settle down for a nightcap.

French Press Coffee Maker

Image from Target

Not all men like to drink or drink that often, but they can always enjoy a cup of good coffee! Copper and rose gold have been trending more in recent years and this small and simple copper french press can make a great cup of coffee for the man in your life. Pair it with his favorite kind of coffee whether it's Folgers or something more special from the coffee house down the street that roasts their own beans, and remind him that you'll be there for every morning, forever.

Reasons I Want to Marry You Book

Image from Etsy

This is a book that he will want to read! We've been seeing more of these gifts at weddings lately, too, so really wanted to share these with you in case you had not heard of them yet. This is a hardbound book that you can handwrite all the reasons you want to marry him. Fill it during your engagement and give it to him on the big day so he can read all of your reasons for wanting to spend the rest of your life with him.

Handstamped Steel Guitar Pick

Image from SoBlessedDesigns

While this one doesn't speak to every man, it certainly can for those that enjoy playing any kind of guitar. If your man is big on puns, even better as it says "I pick you" because, you know, it's a guitar pick.

Sound Wave Print

Image from Etsy

We really started seeing these about a year ago, but they have really caught on! While you don't need to make a huge version, you can certainly frame a version of this sound wave and make it of your first dance song. If he's sentimental, this gift could be a real winner for your groom.

Timeless Gifts for Your Husband on Your Wedding Day

These gifts are timeless and will always work for a wedding day (or any special day) when you want to give your husband or groom a meaningful present. Many of these gifts are very personal or can be personalized specifically to match your groom's personality or the memories you have shared together. And while some may be very sentimental, others are just plain good gifts that never go out of style, so you know you can depend on them to make him smile.

Constellation of the Stars Poster

Image from ModernMapArt

Now, we could have put this under trending gift ideas for husbands on your wedding day, but it's also something that could never go out of style. This timeless piece can have the constellation of stars from the day you met, the day he asked you to marry him, or the wedding date. Think about the date he would like to remember the most.

Cuff Links with Wedding Date

Image from Pinterest

This is another cute, timless gift for your groom. Get his cuff links engraved or even handstamped with the date of the big day and/or a special (very) short note, like "I love you" or "forever". These cufflinks can be worn again and again as your years together grow, or put into a special shadowbox for memories, later.


Image from Unsplash

This gift never goes out of style. Take him someplace that he really wants to go, and do it sometime that is not the honeymoon! This way, it's super special and "just for him". There's no better way to celebrate a loved one than to give them a little time off doing or going somewhere they really want to do or go!

Boudoir Photo Book of the Bride for the Groom

Image from Pinterest

This is a simple, straightforward gift for any groom. Find and book a boudoir photographer and create a book of pictures that is only for him. This book is sure to surprise and delight him, especially since no one else will probably ever see it.

Straight Razor Shave

Image from Unsplash

This is definitely an experience that every man has heard of and might have even dreamt of, but probably wouldn't do for himself. So go to a high end barber shop and get him set up with a straight razor shave, a nice hair cut, and a day of manly pampering and he'll love you for it.


Image from Unsplash

For those guys that are big into adventure, technology, or just photography or videography, a GoPro camera is a great gift because it is so versatile. Whether he's a hiker, rock climber, surfer, photography junkie, or amateur, a GoPro camera will be something he can play with for a long time.

Tickets to His Favorite Show

Image from Unsplash

Where ever it is, send him to see his favorite band, comedian, or other entertainers! If they are coming to town near to the date of the wedding, that's awesome, but if not, plan a little trip for him to go with a buddy to let him know how much you want him to be happy forever.

Flying Lessons

Image from Unsplash

Even guys that aren't that into flying planes can get a kick out of this one, especially if you can work out a deal with an older bi-plane or something vintage. Dudes love vintage. You may even top it off with a photo shoot in an old-timey aviator's jacket and goggles, complete with cigar in hand for that classy masculine look.

Round of Golf With the Guys

Image from Unsplash

Some guys really like to play golf and what's better than getting to hang out with your friends and play a round? This is a relaxing and fun day for him and a good way to show him how much you care. Plus, it's easy for you because you know he likes to play!

A Guided Hunting or Fishing Trip

Image from Unsplash

If you're looking to really surprise your outdoorsy groom, book him a guided hunting or fishing trip. These trips normally include the guide and a night or two out in a cabin or other accommodations and are a really nice way to give him a real experience he'll remember for a long time.

A Nice, Engraved Pocket Knife

Image from Best Man Gifts

There are a lot of guys out there that always carry a knife on them and having one that you have specially engraved is just a little way to show him you pay attention and that you care. Don't know anything about pocket knives? Start asking hunting and outdoors stores about the best one to get the best performing knife.

A Personalized Money Clip

Image from Etsy

While money clips aren't something every man carries, the ones that do would love to have a personalized one from their bride. Pick out one that matches his style and have it engraved with a special saying or date to make it something he loves to carry around with him.

A Handwritten Letter

Image from Unsplash

While this one could have easily gone into our trending gift ideas for husbands on the wedding day, it is also so timeless that we just had to put it here. Nothing can beat a handwritten love letter from your significant other, especially on the day you are getting married. We've seen grown men that everyone says "he never gets emotional" break into tears because of what his bride was able to put in that letter. Just because it's simple, doesn't mean it's not worth it.

We hope that these 19 gifts and ideas have given you all the ammo you need to buy your groom the best present ever! Whether you go with something that's popular and trendy this year or you go with something from the heart, that will never get old, we are sure that the man in your life is going to love it!

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