January 26, 2024

Planning a wedding is a massive undertaking!  There are so many things to organize.  Tables and chairs need to be rented, flowers need to be ordered, suits and dresses that your bridal party will need, and countless other things.  For many people, this can be an overwhelming task.  Getting someone on your team, that has done it hundreds of times, to help you is one of the wisest decisions that you can make.  They have seen other people try and fail, they have had the opportunity to learn what needs to be done at each and every wedding.  This will allow you to really relax and know that everything is being taken care of.  

The first step to planning your wedding is knowing what date you want to get married on.  This is incredibly important because it is vital to know when you are working with getting vendors on your team.  They will have to make sure they are available on those dates.  Also, you need to invite your friends and family, and the date is the first step in doing that.  This portion of the wedding planning process is moderately connected with the next step - choosing a venue.  This is because if you get tied to a specific date, but your dream venue is not available on that date, it could make the decision making difficult on this process.  So make sure you are going into your venue hunt with an open mind on the date, or be willing to take no for an answer if the venue is not available on your date.  

Choosing a venue is one of the more obvious things to do when planning a wedding.  There must be a location to invite all your friends and family to, and hopefully this location is the most beautiful place.  There are many different types of wedding venue vibes, you’ve got the downtown city vibe, out in the country barn vibe, backyard of dad’s house, intimate vibe, or whatever else you can think of.  Once you settle in on the type of venue, there are hundreds of options within that type of venue.  You’ll need to set up venue tours, look at pictures online, and talk to people who know the areas to get a better understanding of what is out there.

So, you’ve got the date and venue nailed down and now it is time to get all of the smaller, yet very important things taken care of.  You’ll need flowers, food, photographer, videographer, catering, cake, late night snack, a DJ, and officiant, and who knows what else to make sure that your vision comes to life!  All of these things could seem daunting if you don’t like to plan things.  My best advice to you is to find a professional wedding planner that has been doing this for years to help alleviate the stress.  The planning process starts many months or even years before the wedding day.  The sooner you get that planning professional on board, the more you'll be able to know that everything will be taken care of.  Brooke with Everlasting Events is one of the coordinators that we LOVE working with.  She can help with everything, picking venues, seating charts, scheduling vendors, and making sure your nerves are calm on the day of.  On your wedding day, your emotions will be going in all sorts of directions.  After all, you have likely been planning this day for many years and hope to remember it for many years to come.  Your coordinator will be there watching and making sure everything happens as planned so that you can focus on enjoying the moment, not making sure the groomsmen have their boutonnieres on the correct side of their jackets.  

When it is all set and done, it is very important that you enjoy your wedding with your dearest friends and family.  We don’t want you to be stressed, or upset because something didn’t go well, or maybe you weren’t able to make sure someone did their duty correctly.  This is why it is so important to have some great people on your team to make sure that your vision goes as planned.  

Amanda and Kyle had a beautiful wedding day with many moving parts, they got ready, got married, and partied into the night all in different locations.  This involved many moving parts and opportunities for things to potentially go wrong.  Brooke with Everlasting Events really took care of it all and it went smooth as butter all day long.

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