January 26, 2024

There are so many venues to choose from in the Dallas area, especially if you are looking for a hillside country-style venue. Jessica and Brandon were searching for just that when they stumbled upon Five Oaks Farm. The venue offers a farmhouse barn and vintage furnishing that adds just the right type of contrast for your wedding photos. The oak trees and wildflowers on the property serve for beautiful photos during the day and for sunset at night. It's safe to say the couple fell in love with Five Oaks Farm as soon as they toured it.

As the ladies got ready, our wedding photographer took their dresses to get a nice hanging shot with the Barnhouse and it made for a great backdrop with the wooden doors and white walls. We took back the dresses and the fun started! The guys and girls got dressed separately and the guys were up first to take some group shots outside the barn house. They took a few and then the photographer utilized the open land with oak trees and fences in the background.  

Finally Jessica was in her dress and waiting to take some more shots in the wedding suite that Five Oaks Farm offers. There are wooden window doors that close so no one outside can see the bride and vintage chairs and loveseats in the bridal suite that add a special touch to all of your wedding photos. As her mom made the finishing touches to her daughter's hair and dress, she made her way to have a first look with her father in the center of the reception space in the barn house. The tables were set up with beautiful wooden chairs surrounding them and the tables were lined with pink linens that really popped in the background for these photos. Her father cried as he saw his little girl all ready to get married.

Brandon got to share a special moment with her parents separate from Jessica in the reception area and gave them gifts to honor them and Jessica did the same with his parents. At last, it was time for the couple to get married! Everyone made their way to their seats outside in front of the oak trees that cover the altar and the ceremony began. The Barnhouse in the back of the ceremony space and the oak trees on the other side looked great in the shots our Epic wedding photographer took. As Jessica walked down the aisle Brandon couldn’t keep his eyes off of her. They said their vows and shared their first kiss and just like that, they were married!  

The party began and everyone headed to the cocktail hour while our photographer took them back to the barn doors where they took bridal party photos and even popped some champagne at the camera! Those photos looked really cool with the mixture of contrast of the girl's dresses and the white walls of the barn. After they finished their pictures the fun really began and they joined all their family at the party.  

The couple shared their first dance and had special dances with their parents and all their loved ones got to watch. The sun started to set and the wedding photographer took the couple away for sunset couples portraits which were gorgeous at this venue. There’s a small brick gazebo with a hanging chandelier inside of it that made a great backdrop and they got some amazing shots there and then the photographer took them around the land to get more in front of the oak trees and wildflowers. These pictures are sure to last a lifetime.  

They finished off the night dancing and laughing with their friends inside the reception where the white walls and wooden accents housed all their memories of their big day. The night came to a happy ending and the venue permitted sparklers so they sent the newlyweds off with a tunnel of sparklers outside the barn. The winding brick road outside of the front doors led them to their getaway car where they were off on their honeymoon. And just like that, Five Oaks Farm succeeded in making all of Jessica and Brandon’s dreams about their wedding day come true and our Epic Dallas wedding photographer got to capture it all.

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