January 26, 2024

Erica and Ryan had the most beautiful wedding day at The Carlisle Room, Downtown Dallas, Texas. This fun and very sweet couple were so happy to be getting married. They were really laid back and had a wonderful time throughout the whole day. It was an honor to be there.

The venue was a swanky industrial building, that was historic but had a modern vibe too. The Carlisle Room was an old bank lobby that had been converted into a wedding space. It was the perfect space for an elegant, cool and laid back wedding, which was perfect for this special couple.

Erica was a gorgeous bride. Like the whole day, her dress had a sightly vintage feel to it. It was a stunning, floor-length dress with a beautifully embellished top. She wore stunning royal blue shoes to finish her look and a gorgeous hair piece in her long curly hair. She drank champagne as her hair and makeup was done and laughed with her bridesmaids. She looked overjoyed at the day ahead and her relaxed and fun attitude was wonderful to be around.

Ryan was a handsome groom. He wore a stunning blue suit with a jet black tie. Like Erica, his attire really suited the day, with a slightly vintage feel. He was very relaxed ahead of the day and played some pool with his groomsmen. It was amazing to be around such chilled out and relaxed people, so content in that moment and for the day ahead. Later, Erica and Ryan stood either side of a wall and exchanged letters. It was a very emotional moment, as they couldn't see each other but they stood so close together whilst reading each others special words.

Erica and Ryan married in the old bank vault below the venue. The Carlisle Room had a real 40s vibe to it. The whole day was fun and goofy and everyone knew how to have a laugh. As Erica walked down the aisle, Ryan looked emotional to see his gorgeous bride for the first time that day. At the altar, Erica and Ryan stood in front of a beautiful, grand wreath that had stunning yellow and green leaves woven into it. After Erica and Ryan were pronounced husband and wife at the beautiful ceremony, they had the biggest smiles on their faces. They were so happy as walked back down the aisle as husband and wife. The ceremony room was a brilliant white color and had the most beautiful old window behind the altar. Chandeliers lined the roof in the center above the aisle. We captured some beautiful photos in front of the stunning old, single pane window. The venue had a real elegant and romantic feel to it and was a really special place for the happy couple to become husband and wife.

The reception was a lot of fun. Erica and Ryan enjoyed their beautiful first dance on the black and white flooring. They looked very much in love and so happy to now be husband and wife. The reception room had a lot of white colors around it, with stunning white decorations too. The cake matched with this and was perfectly decorated with the most perfect icing, topped with white and baby's breath flowers. The toasts were great fun and the champagne flowed for this special moment. Later, everyone descended on the dancefloor. The guests stayed there for the duration of the night and didn't want to leave! We had a photo booth at the reception too, and there was a queue for it all night. It was a really fun night and you could see how much love everyone had for the happy couple. It truly was a magical day. Erica and Ryan shared a private last dance before leaving to a sparkler exit, ready to start their new lives together as a married couple.

Congratulations guys. It was a blast hanging out with you on your big day and we wish you the best in your future.

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