January 26, 2024

Cheyenne and Chadwick shared the most special day at The Springs near Tulsa, Oklahoma. This fantastic, wild and crazy couple were so in love and full of surprises the whole day. We were fortunate to capture the engagement, bridal and wedding day shots and we had so much fun in the process.

This stunning, vibrant and colorful wedding was a joy to photograph. They did a wonderful job of the color scheme which really reflected the happy and fun vibe that the day brought. It was amazing to capture the couples engagement photos. At the time, they both lived in different states, so it was wonderful for the couple to unify for their wedding day. We got on fantastically with this gorgeous couple; it was like spending time with a couple of close friends.

Cheyenne was a stunning bride. She wore a white, sweetheart neckline dress that suited her perfectly. She flashed her gorgeous smile all day. Cheyenne shared a first look moment with her Father. He was a strong, tough person on the outside, but when he saw his gorgeous little girl in her wedding dress, he became very emotional. It was a stunning moment and one we were so pleased to witness. Once we captured the shots, we left the two of them together for a moment. We then captured the first look between Cheyenne and her husband to be. Chadwick was overwhelmed at the sight of his stunning and, soon to be, bride. They were so happy to see each other before the ceremony.

The whole wedding popped with color. Cheyennes flowers were a bouquet of bright yellow sunflowers, which were found throughout the whole day at the beautifully decorated venue. The theme had a spanish / mexican feel, which was so much fun. Cheyenne's bridesmaids wore different colored dresses too, which really worked well. They all looked stunning as they walked down the aisle ahead of the bride.

Chadwick waited at the altar for his soon to be wife. He wore a black suit jacket, white shirt and blue jeans, completed with cowboy boots. He looked very handsome and we loved how the whole day was so suited to their individual styles. As they met at the altar, under the grand wooden awning, they smiled at one another and looked so happy to be stood right there in that moment. They celebrated their nuptials with a rope unity ceremony, before saying 'I do' and being pronounced husband and wife.

We captured the most gorgeous couples portraits of the bride and groom by the lake. It was fall and the lighting was perfect. Leaves were falling and the colors of the season really popped. The couple were like a ray of sunshine as we captured the portraits, with the cloudy sky behind them. As the sun set, we took a few more shots of the happy couple, before they headed inside for their reception.

Cheyenne and Chadwick headed down the grand wooden staircase, warmly welcomed by their guests. The reception was incredible. They had a donut display with a sign that said 'all you need is love and maybe a donut.' We loved how donuts seemed to pop up throughout the day, as earlier we had captured the flower girl holding a sign that said 'I'm just here for the donuts.' It was very cute.

The couple enjoyed amazing toasts from their friends and family as they sipped red wine. They split a donut which was a really sweet moment, then a WWF song came on and they started fighting over the sweet treat. We found out that Cheyenne has a black belt in jiu-jitsu and she smashed the donut in to his beard! It was a very funny and sweet moment. The night continued with dancing and a lot of laughter. It was a perfect day. The night ended with a gorgeous send off from friends and family, who stood either side of the couple and shook colorful maracas.

It was a pleasure to get to know you two. I'm thankful I got to eat donuts, I got to dance and got to know your Dad. Your family was extremely sweet and I know you guys are going to have a long life of happiness. We hope that these wedding photos are a constant reminder of the love you have for one another.

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