February 6, 2024

At the dawn of the 20th century Aldophus Busch, cofounder of Anheuser-Busch, debuted the first truly luxury hotel in the booming city of Dallas. The building was the tallest building in Dallas, standing at 22 stories, and remained so for over a decade. The Adolphus was built with Germanic castle stylings in mind, only in true Texas fashion, bigger. If you are someone who loves beautiful timeless craftsmanship, classic stylings, and an elegant atmosphere, then you will be in LOVE with The Adolphus, much the same as Elizabeth and Roy were.

Elizabeth and Roy are lovers of the finer things in life, as shown in their endearment for the Netflix show “Chef’s Table” (of which uses the song “Vivaldi’s Winter” as its intro song, the very same they used for their wedding film), and classical music. This love also seeps into their professional lives. Roy pursued a career as a naval captain, while Elizabeth currently is pursuing her Phd in biomedical science. When they were deciding on a venue for their wedding, they looked no further than the classic, well curated, and expertly crafted Adolphus Hotel.

When you enter into the lobby of The Adolphus you are greeted by the warm and inviting dark wood paneled walls and elevated, wide open white coffered ceilings. We started the day with Elizabeth and Roy in their rooms, which keep intact the classic and elegant style of the rest of the hotel. While hanging out with Elizabeth it was clear that she was not only a sophisticated person, but also bubbly and a ton of fun! The room was lively with prewedding chatter and the hustle and bustle of getting ready.

Elizabeth’s dress was from the amazing Lovely Bridal in Dallas, and the dress she picked from them was perfect. The dress was a gorgeous clean and classic princess style dress that accentuated the whole vibe of the day perfectly.

Hanging out with the guys was definitely fun as well, the room was filled with the excitement of the day. While Roy wore his naval dinner dress uniform, he made sure to let some of his love of The University of Texas shine through with some very fun decorated shirt sleeves.

The first looks are always something that gets to us, and Elizabeth's first look with her day was incredibly sweet, and her first look with Roy made us see why they were such a perfect match for each other. The moment they saw each other they both lit up, and Roy was enamored with just how amazing Elizabeth looked in her wedding dress, giving her a spin to check it all out, and not being able to resist dipping her and giving her a kiss at the end!

After some photos with Elizabeth and Roy and their wedding party we headed to the ceremony, and ya’ll the ceremony room was gorgeous! A high ceiling with a beautifully painted cloud motif, accentuated with a breathtaking golden chandelier just above the altar. We were floored with how classy all of this looked, and even more how the floral arrangement from Teri’s flowers was the perfect backdrop for this space.

The ceremony was perfect, and Roy watched Elizabeth walking down the aisle, accompanied by the string ensemble, like he was falling in love with her all over again at that moment, and we could see why, she was looking absolutely stunning.

Once the two had solidified the ceremony with a kiss and headed down the aisle, now as husband and wife, we headed off to reception. During reception the room was buzzing with the love and excitement of the day, and everyone was having a blast, Roy even kicked off his jacket to show off those super fun University of Texas sleeves! The Royal Duke band was definitely bringing the energy and keeping the crowd going for the entire evening.

Just before the grand exit we knew we had to grab a few more shots of Elizabeth and Roy in the lobby of the hotel. Once we ushered them out the doors for the grand exit, they jumped in a horse drawn carriage, detailed with a beautiful floral arrangement, and rode off to the start of their new life together!

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