January 26, 2024

Amita and Nikhil enjoyed a stunning and traditional Hindu wedding at the conference center in Glenpool, Oklahoma We met this couple at the wedding of Rocky and Robbie and we had a fantastic day capturing this amazing wedding over 3 days.

Amita had her traditional mehndi tattoo beautifully drawn over her hands and feet. It looked beautiful and it was drawn with an wonderful amount of detail. The whole wedding took place at the conference center in Glenpool and the venue did a fantastic job to accommodate the wedding over the 3 days.

The evening of the garba was a lot of fun. All the guests were invited where they enjoyed food and traditional folk dances with the bride and groom to be. It was a lot of fun and everyone looked wonderful. We also captured the grooms ceremony, where he is accepted in to the family by stepping on a vase. Throughout each day, wonderful traditions and beautiful moments of prayer were shared. It was honor to capture these beautiful moments of this amazing couple.

On the 3rd day, the wedding ceremony took place. Amita looked stunning in her lehenga dress, which was a stunning deep shade of pink with gold embellishment. Her henna had developed even further and she wore amazing gold jewelry to complete her look. Her matha patti head jewelry completed her look and she wore a veil to match her lehenga.

Nikhil looked amazing in his sherwani, which was a light pink color that had been beautifully embellished. We captured a gorgeous first look moment between Nikhil and Amita outside the venue. They were so happy to see each other. The clouds and blue sky reflected perfectly off the big windows behind, which created the most beautiful shots. We took some more portraits of them before the ceremony took place. The bride and her bridesmaids shared a moment together before the ceremony; it was a peaceful moment of prayer and reflection. The bridesmaids were in pink to match with Nikita and they all looked beautiful.

It was a lot of fun capturing the arrival of the groom and guests. The groom was in a beautiful white car and when he arrived, guests danced with him in the street in celebration. Amita, Nikhil and their family headed to a staging area, where the beautiful ceremony took place. The bride and groom placed flowers garlands over each others necks and a selection of beautiful traditions happened throughout the ceremony.

The most emotional part was when the bride said goodbye to her family. This is a tradition that goes far back, when bride’s would leave their families to be with their new husband, which would usually be an arranged marriage. Amita and her family kept in this beautiful tradition and shared a moment together. There were so many tears and it was very emotional. The love that they shared was wonderful to see.

We finished off the day with some gorgeous photos of Amita and Nikhil outside by the fountain. It was dark by this point but a beautiful spot light lit the way an reflected wonderfully off the water. It was a truly magical wedding and one that we won’t forget. It was an honor to capture this day and we hope the happy couple are settled in to their new home well and wish them all the best in their future together.

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