February 6, 2024

Dawn came early, but the preparations for Carly Jo and Jasen’s wedding came even earlier. The sun was just below the horizon as we arrived at historic Loose Mansion in the heart of Kansas City. The home was filled with hand carved woodwork and beautiful roaring fireplaces. When you step inside, there’s no question as to why it has been one of our favorite venues to photograph. The intricate designs in the home fill every room with charm, leaving us with numerous options for locations to photograph.

Carly Jo, her bridesmaids and close family began the wedding preparations in an upstairs bedroom. The anticipation filled the room as she put the final touches on her hair and makeup and stepped into her dress. Carly Jo and Jasen decided to not see each other before the wedding, but instead, to exchange handwritten letters. They read them right before walking down the aisle, which we find can center you and bring your focus back to one another.

After finishing the letter reading, we all waited in anticipation for the start of the ceremony. The ceremony was held on the main floor of the home in the beautiful dining room in front of one of the many fireplaces. One of our favorite moments of the day is to see the groom see his bride for the first time. Jasen did not disappoint. The second Carly Jo turned the corner, their eyes locked and his eyes filled with tears.

The rest of the ceremony was just as beautiful. They exchanged vows and rings and also shared in a sand ceremony which symbolized them joining as one. These moments that we captured during Carly Jo and Jasen’s ceremony are the ones we, as photographers, live for. They’re the moments that are unorchestrated, the raw, candid moments that really show the emotion from the day. We will never grow tired of capturing these moments.  

Once the ceremony was completed, the wedding party stepped outside for the bridal party and the couple's portraits with Carly Jo and Jasen. We took these portraits in front of the mansion under the portico.

The light was shining through the trees and the porch covering, which provided us with the perfect lighting for their couple’s portraits. We always like to steal the bride and groom away after the ceremony. This gives them a chance to really take in the moment as a newly married couple. After taking a few photos outside, we trekked inside (where it was warmer) for some portraits showcasing the mansion’s woodwork.

Once we were done with the formal portraits, Carly Jo and Jasen made their way down the massive staircase for their grand entrance. This got the party started where they cut their cake and shoved icing into each other’s faces. Guys, it’s okay to do this. Have a little fun and get your faces dirty. All of the formal photos are over at this point! After cleaning up the small mess, we listened to emotional speeches given by the best man and maid of honor and ate an amazing dinner provided by the venue.  

For Carly Jo and Jasen’s wedding, they rented out the whole house, which gave them access to the third-floor parlor and the outdoor patio, where they had the remaining reception events. Once upstairs, they played a fun shoe game, which resulted in a lot of laughs and moved into a more emotional time with the first dance and her dance with her father. They ended the festivities with a huge dance party where they had an incredible time.  

Once the celebration came to an end, we all went downstairs and lined up in front of the mansion for a bubble exit. The family and friends waited in anticipation for Carly and Jo and Jasen. Jasen was carrying Carly Jo as they came running out the door and down the middle of their family and friends that surrounded them. You could feel the joy radiating from them. We caught ourselves smiling the whole walk out.  

Morning weddings are so beautiful to capture, especially when you have clients like Carly Jo and Jasen and a wedding venue like Loose Mansion. Their hospitality and beautiful architecture makes it one of our favorites in the Kansas City area. This place is seriously a photographer’s dream.

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