January 26, 2024

Some brides can get really creative and build their weddings around a certain theme. Jamie & Dylan Stallman did not just create a theme for their wedding. They created a vibe. This vibe consisted of a beautiful ‘70s retro feel that their guests and our photographers absolutely loved.

This St. Louis wedding comes equipped with chargers in the shape of vinyl records with a custom label, ‘70s themed hair and getting ready shirts, and all of the psychedelic yellow and pinks you can imagine. These small details created an incredibly vintage feel that threw back to an era not so well remembered by today’s generation.  All of this was held at the Ink House in Edwardsville, IL. The Ink House nears 6,000 square feet of space that combines a balance of historical feel and contemporary style that perfectly hosted Jamie & Dylan’s retro ‘70s wedding.

Jamie sported a vintage wedding dress complete with sheer sleeves and upper, while Dylan rocked a red-brown suit with a floral tie to match the psychedelic colors. Jamie decided to skip the traditional wedding veil and go with a wedding cape, making her look absolutely stunning and unique. The wedding party also follows suit with a mix of reds, oranges, and browns for the dresses. The groomsmen followed Dylan’s lead with floral ties and orange pocket squares, but they were able to rock tan suits that complemented Dylan’s red-brown suit incredibly well.

After the couple saw each other in their wedding garments for the first time and they said their forever “I do’s”, it was time to take some formal pictures. They kept the vintage theme going as the couple did their couple’s portraits in front of an old Impala SS. Their whole portrait set looks like it belongs in a special episode of That ‘70s Show or a movie that is set in the 1970s.  The editing style that the couple chose really highlighted that vintage feel for their couple’s portraits. The Chevy Impala SS was also their getaway car.

After the early reception festivities that included the traditional dances with the bride and groom’s parents, cake cutting, and photo opportunities with disco balls bigger than their heads., it was time to boogie down. During the party, Jamie slipped away and smoked some high end cigars outside with his groomsmen. We were able to get some incredible silhouettes of him smoking.

During the party, Jamie brought out another untraditional wedding gesture, the “Cut-The-Rope” bouquet toss. In this version of the bouquet toss, each participant will hold a rope connected to the bouquet as the bride slowly cuts away each piece of ribbon with scissors until there is one person left. That last person is the winner and the one who gets the honor of having the bouquet and all the traditional implications that come with it.

The rest of the evening consisted of a groovy party where the bride and groom danced the night away together with their guests. The opted out of a traditional grand exit and decided that throwing the absolute raddest party for their guests would be their highest priority.

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