January 26, 2024

Are you looking for a venue that will make you feel like your wedding day is a night in the city with string lights above and a modern vibe below? Well, 28 Events Space in Kansas City is exactly what Taylor and Nabil were looking for while hunting for venues. The walls are painted with a city of buildings and lights and the string lights add such a beautiful touch to your wedding pictures!  

Taylor and Nabil started their wedding day apart and got ready with their respective groomsmen and bridesmaids. While our Epic Kansas City wedding photographer got some detailed shots of Taylor's shoes and hair pin and little accessories, she got to put on her wedding dress and prepare to have a first look with Nabil. Having this moment is very special and looks great in photos so we always love capturing the first look whether it's with your groom or a parent or a loved one.  

Once her bridesmaids put on her shoes and her mom helped with the veil, they took a moment to admire Taylor before sending her off to see her future husband. As she came around the corner, Nabil couldn’t help but smile as he waited to turn around and see his wife-to-be! They were in the reception area where all the linens were set up on the tables with alternating colors of blue and gold; a beautiful choice of colors that really added contrast to this adorable first look.  

Finally, everyone was ready and they headed to the ceremony to get these two love birds married! Their ceremony was in a catholic church separate from the venue, but as soon as it was over everyone headed back to the cocktail hour. Taylor and Nabil went off with the wedding photographer to take some fire couples portraits at the gazebo and then rejoined the rest of the bridal party. They were greeted with champagne, truly, and miller lite by all their friends and they all circled around for wedding pictures while the newly married couple popped champagne at the camera! The combination of pinks and blues of the bridal party really made them stand out against the background as the champagne flew through the air. This day was definitely one to remember.  

Now that everyone was settled back into the reception space at 28 Event Space, it was time for Taylor and Nabil to have their first dance together as a married couple. All their family watched and took in the magical moment happening before them as the string lights hung above them with the golden lanterns adding a beautiful burst of light to the photos. Taylor and Nabil looked so happy and thrilled to be sharing such a special moment with all of their loved ones and having these wedding photos to look back on and relive the day was a huge plus.  

It's safe to say that twinkle lights are something that Taylor and Nabil enjoy because during their last dance all their family stood around and shined their phone camera lights back and forth as they danced. It was finally time to send off the happy couple and the family lined up in two rows outside the well-lit venue. They shined their phone flashlights one more time while they walked in between the rows and they were off to celebrate their honeymoon! 28 Events Space truly made their day one they will never forget.  

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